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Gibsons Puzzles & The Isle of Wight Puzzle

Gibsons puzzle range

Beken & Son has possibly the biggest range of Gibsons puzzles on sale in a shop with prices normally only found on the internet, if at all. 

Gibsons have exceptional brand loyalty & are generally the collectors choice when it comes to quality, affordable puzzles. Many customers come in throughout the year for the latest releases including several from the Mainland.

Puzzles come in 500, 500 large piece, 1000 & 2000 piece and now a selection of childrens puzzles too.

The puzzles in stock change throughout the year as new puzzles are added or others sell out.

Also stocked is the Isle of Wight puzzle by local firm W.J Nigh which is a 500 piece

& whenever possible puzzle rolls and boards



Puzzles, it's great to have a hobby don't you think?

Just some of the Gibsons puzzles at Beken & Son shop in Cowes
Gibsons Puzzles and Traditional Games at Beken and Son

Lot's more Gibsons puzzles now in stock!

Gibsons Puzzles

(Stock changes throughout the year as new products are launched or sell out. Some products above and below may not be in stock at any time)

Isle of Wight puzzle

Isle of wight jigsaw puzzle
Isle of Wight 500 Piece Puzzle
 by W.J Nigh
at Beken and Son