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Opticron at Beken and Son

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Better with Binoculars.

Nature, On the Water, Off the Water.
Better with Binoculars

Beken & Son

The best binoculars for you?

You have to try from the range & see what suits you.
Every persons eyes are different.
It's not necessarily the most expensive and curtainly not always the highest magnification.
So why not come in and take a look?

Opticron at Beken and Son

       At Beken & Son you will find a wide range of binoculars.

         Opticron have binoculars & monoculars with a wide price range, many of which are waterproof.

I am proud to have been an Opticron specialist for over 15 years.

Also stocked are Helios fixed focus binoculars, Pentax and Praktica (models change frequently).

The fixed focus Helios require no change of focus and are suitable for almost every one,

 even those who have previously never been able to use binoculars for any reason.    

The models and amount in stock changes throughout the year.

Budget 8x21 are often in stock.

(I do not stock or order telescopes or spotting scopes or order any binoculars not usually stocked.)

I have been selling binoculars for over 22 years and take pride in finding the right pair for each customer.

 The location of the shop allows the customer to look at views of the Solent when trying binoculars from the range.

 I never try to talk customers into buying the most expensive,

 it has to be the type best suited to you for your specific requirements, such as on or off the water.

Buying binoculars is like buying glasses, every ones eyes are different. 

For that reason I do not post customer reviews as what suits one may not suit another.

Please call in to see the current range at my shop in Cowes.

Sorry but Beken & Son does not repair or buy or sell second hand binoculars (or anything else!).

Sorry but I can not recommend or otherwise products I don't sell ie scopes or any zoom optics other than Helios.

Questions about Binoculars
Helios fixed focus binoculars

Wide range of Binoculars in store.

Opticron Piccolo IV only £24.95


At least one Opticron monocular is usually in stock however stock levels are kept very low of this item and may not always be available.
Opticron monocular at Beken and Son

Opticron Magnifiers

Beken and Son stock a wide selection of Opticron magnifying glasses of various types and strengths including illuminated.

Opticron magnifiers at Beken & Son
Opticron magnifiers at Beken & Son
Opticron illuminated magnifiers at Beken & Son

Tripods & Monopod

Camlink tripods along with a monopod are usually in stock.

The right product for each customer
I do not sell or value second hand equipment or have a repairs service.
Opticron range at Beken & Son